Overview of Dhaka City College

Today’s Dhaka City College (ঢাকা সিটি কলেজ), also referred to as DCC, among one of the most acknowledged and also oldest private College of Bangladesh, was established in 1957 under the patronage of some educationists and patriotic social workers. It resides at Qudrat-i-Khuda roadway, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

At the initial phase, the college courses were carried at West End High School and then at Dhaka College. In 1970 the College was transferred to Dhanmondi Road No. 2 at its bases. Before this, it was referred to as “Dhaka Night University.”

It grants Honors and Master’s level programs along with higher secondary education (HSC). The university is associated with the National University of Bangladesh.

Prof. Md. Anwar Hossain has been the college principal considering that 2019. Since the third quarter of 2017, the chief of the College’s governing body is Prof. Dr. Syed Modasser Ali, an alumnus of the College

Former namesDhaka Night College
MottoBuild The Nation
Established         1957
Academic staff200
Students5,000 (approx.)
Website              www.dhakacitycollege.edu.bd
Degrees  1. HSC Program 2. Undergraduate Program 3. Graduate Program
Departments  1. Faculty of Arts & Social Science 2. Faculty of Business Studies 3. Faculty of Engineering (Professionals) 4. Faculty of Science
Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/dhakacitycollege.edu

History of Dhaka City College

 In the 1950s, an educational institution called ‘Dhaka City Night College’ showed up in West End Secondary School. After carrying out courses in Dhaka College as an evening college for a time, the College was developed in 1957, during the Pakistani judgment period, with the patronage of neighborhood instructors and social workers.

 With the ideas and cooperation of Khaney Alam Khan, former Chairman of the college governing body and former Dhaka divisional commissioner, The College constructed two significant structures in 1989. The construction of an additional installation has already been finished.

 In 1991, the morning branch was started for the students, leaving out the night section. The introduction of apolitical student councils noted a landmark change in the monitoring of educational assistance activities of the College in 1992.

 In the meantime, the College acquired two areas with the College’s very own funds. Nearby to a college is a 13-Katha field on which a 6-story structure has been created. The other is one bigha site on Dhanmondi 3 / A Road. A six-story building has been completed there.

 The benefits of presenting term programs and evaluation systems at the undergraduate and higher second levels have been streaming since 1960.

The current intro of rating system board tests is why the highest number of students in the business education and science department got a Grade Point Average 5.

Renowned alumni of Dhaka City College

  1. Khan Asifur Rahman Agun (mostly known as Agun): singer-songwriter and “Bachsas-Awards” winning star.
  2. Saidus Salehin Khaled Sumon (popularly known as Bassbaba Sumon): One of the famousvocalists, bassist, and founding members of the Bangladeshi rock band Aurthohin.
  3. Mahiya Mahi: One of the celebrity actresses in the Bangladeshi film industry.
  4. Maria Nur Rowshon: Television presenter, radio personality, and winner of “Babisas-Award” for modeling.
  5. Nishat Majumdar: the very first Bangladeshi woman to scale Mount Everest.
  6. Sayeed Khokon: One of the renowned politicians and the mayor of Dhaka.
  7. Shahriar Alam: State deputy-minister of foreign affairs, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
  8. Syed Modasser Ali: One of the prominent ophthalmic surgeons and executive board members of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  9. Prito Reza: One of the best photographers in Bangladesh.

People of Dhaka City College

Among those that provided remarkably to the founding of this institution, the names of Mr. Khan Bahadur Abdur Rahman and Mr. Ataur Rahman Khan, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, might be recognized in mind with due honor.

Mr. Khaney Alom Khan, previous Chairman of the Governing Body, was nearly a sign of selfless patronage in preparing financial assistance for the fast structural development of the college structures and the continuous endeavor for the College’s growth. At the same time, he was the Divisional Commissioner of the Dhaka Department.

The College owes greatly to Late Mr. Hafiz Uddin, the Ex-Principal of the College, for its present splendor and success. Under his practical support and administration, the College has incredibly developed both structurally and academically. The name and popularity of the university have already spread both in the house and abroad.

 The new journey of the modern-day Dhaka City College started soon after the Principal Professor Md. Hafiz Uddin took charge in 1986. He joined this College as Lecturer in Accounting in 1970. Renowned educationist Professor Md Hafiz Uddin passed away on December 29, 2009, while successfully serving as the Principal for 33 years. Hafiz Uddin has been called the ‘Designer of Modern Dhaka City College.

The College is presently being kept up with the sincere efforts and proper guidance of Syed Modacher Ali, Renowned ophthalmologist, former health consultant to the Prime Minister, and appreciated educational personality Professor, along with the efficient monitoring and supervision of the prestigious members of the Governing Body. 

Initiation of higher courses in Dhaka City College

The introduction of higher courses in the 1995-96 academic year added a brand-new dimension to the development of the College. The College is progressing, intending to spread higher education via Honors and MBS in Management, Accounting, and Marketing.

Honors in English from 1997-98 academic year, B.Sc. (Honors) in Computer Science and Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration from 1998-99 academic year, and BBS (Honors)in Financing and Banking from 2003-04 academic year are introduced. The BSS (Honors) in Economics has been included from the 2012-13 academic year.

To gift skilled human resources by guaranteeing top-quality education and learning, the College has presented its very own teaching technique in the light of the standards of the Board and National University and by following the universities of the developed world.

Management Framework of Dhaka City College

Dhaka City College is a private institute where Dhaka Education Board and The National University approved Higher Secondary, Bachelor (Pass) and BBA Honors in Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance and Banking, BA. Honors in English, BSS (Honors) in Economics, B.Sc. (Honors) in Computer Science and Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Professional), and postgraduate courses are offered in various classes.

The College is administered by a governing body constituted by following the rules and regulations of the National University. The governing body sets all the policies related to the College, and the College is run according to all those policies. The administrative structure of the College for the implementation of the said policies has been arranged as follows:

Principal: The Principal is the executive head of the College. He conducts the academic and administrative functions of the College in the light of the decisions of the governing body.

Vice-Chancellor: Assists in administrative and academic work as directed by the Principal.

Head of Department / Coordinator: To assist the Principal in performing academic duties in all the subjects for which honors and master’s courses have been introduced, one teacher from each subject is given the department’s additional responsibility for a specified period. Four-year B.B.A. Professional and B.Sc. One teacher is assigned as the coordinator for each program to assist the Principal in the smooth execution of the academic functions of the Honors in Computer Science and Engineering course.

Responsible Teacher:

(i) Class Supervision: Two teachers are assigned to supervise the class for a specified period.

(ii) Examination Management: Three teachers are assigned for a time to conduct the internal examinations of the College, such as class tests, semester examinations, preparatory examinations or model tests, and board and university examinations.

(iii) Class Teachers: Each section has one class teacher who plays a vital role in the overall development of the students. They collect, format, publish and save the class test, assignment, semester test results, and class attendance rate of the students of the respective class. They also liaise with the college administration and parents on various issues of interest to the students.

(iv) Guide Teacher: Honors and MBS in several subjects in this College. The first and second episodes have been launched. These courses have one or more guide teachers for each section/section to fulfill the responsibility of the overall development of the students in different phases.

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